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Month: November 2017

Cerokee County GA 0

Keith Plantation – Canton, GA

One of the oldest houses in Cherokee County was built in 1865 along the Etowah River.  Actually, it was re-built after the house on that location burned, by utilizing hand-made kiln-dried bricks.  The clay for the bricks came from the Etowah River.  The house faced the river, and hundreds of acres of farmland surrounded it.  A barn was built near […]

Haunted Georgia 0

The Hauntings at Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge

Poole’s Mill Covered Bridge is a fun destination for many families, friends, and sweethearts in the warm months of the year in Georgia.  This park is away from the beaten path on some winding back roads in Forsyth County, not too far from the Cherokee County line, off of Highway 369.  There is a nice playground, swings, picnic tables here […]

Cerokee County GA 0


New Hightower Baptist Church during the day is beautiful with its picturesque backdrop.  It is not much different on a cold, winter evening in February.  The lights bathe the small southern church with an opalescence that is somewhat mesmerizing, especially on a clear night with the stars and crescent moon visible above it in a velvet sky.  The woods around […]