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Olde Rope Mill Park – Woodstock Georgia

If you go to visit Olde Rope Mill Park, you will likely encounter a crowd.  It is hard to get a parking spot, so plan ahead for your visit and be patient while trying to get a space.  It is a popular place for peaceful walks along the ruins of the rope mill, bikers taking on the multiple biking trails, […]

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Keith Plantation – Canton, GA

One of the oldest houses in Cherokee County was built in 1865 along the Etowah River.  Actually, it was re-built after the house on that location burned, by utilizing hand-made kiln-dried bricks.  The clay for the bricks came from the Etowah River.  The house faced the river, and hundreds of acres of farmland surrounded it.  A barn was built near […]

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New Hightower Baptist Church during the day is beautiful with its picturesque backdrop.  It is not much different on a cold, winter evening in February.  The lights bathe the small southern church with an opalescence that is somewhat mesmerizing, especially on a clear night with the stars and crescent moon visible above it in a velvet sky.  The woods around […]